Deacon Larry Cox

I have been sitting under Bishop Clark’s teaching for the past 8 years and it has helped me to grow spiritually

Larry Cox, Deacon

Bishop Clark has blessed me for over 25 years. He has been preaching the word with signs and wonders following.

Karen Alexander, Deaconess-BOCA

God has watched over my FAMILY and protected us from this virus.  He has made me grateful for what we have left instead of what we have lost.

Janice Edwards

Bishop Clark’s Ministry has impacted my life and my walk with God, Finances, Marriage, Healing. He has taught me that I have a personal relationship with our God.

Bishop Clark’s Ministry is different from other Ministries he teaches the Bible so real, the key is he explains it so you get a clear understanding on what is written, I am so Blessed that I am part of his Ministry and to call him my Spiritual Father.

Paula Flake, Deaconess
Deaconess Cheryl Clayton

When I first visited BOCA I felt and knew this was my church home…

Bishop Clark’s ministry and leadership has been and continues to be uplifting and life changing in my personal walk with God.

I have changed the way I study, pray and share the Word of God with others.

The personable sermon deliverances MAKES you want to engage in seeking the Word further and….he has provided so many available avenues to learn study and receive his respected knowledge and experiences.

I truly believe his sharing the grace that the Lord has placed on him and being under his covering, teaching and leadership has made an extreme difference in the blessings I have received.

Cheryl Clayton, Deaconess
Pastor Vanetta Clark

Bishop Clark has had a great impact on me and my husband’s life. When I look back over the beginning of our life under this great leadership. My husband was not saved. Not attending church on a regular basis. Today my husband is saved and living for the Lord.

We have been supporting this ministry for over thirty two years with our presence and finances. Due to our consistency we live a very fruitful and successful life.

What makes Bishop Clark’s ministry stand out is his ability to open up the scripture for anyone to understand. He also has an understanding and depth of the word of God that you just don’t find often. 

God bless

Leonard & Vanetta Clark

Vanetta Clark, Pastor