Bishop Eric K. Clark has a goal to give 1,000 deserving high school graduates who are aspiring for higher education a scholarship of $1,000. Whether they plan on attending a trade school or a four year university. Each applicant must meet certain criteria. A committee handpicked by Bishop Clark will evaluate all candidates and award the scholarships.

Bishop’s Kids Scholarship Requirements

Eligibility Requirements:

  • ​Applicant must be a high school senior or a current year graduate
  • Applicant must have at least a 3.5 GPA (unweighted)

Application Requirements:

  • ​Applicant must provide proof of most recent high school GPA
  • Applicant must provide copy of high school diploma
  • Applicant must provide copy of acceptance letter from college or trade school
  • Applicant must have 2 letters of recommendation one from their parent/guardian and one from an educator at their high school (To be emailed directly to by the person writing the recommendation)

​Once the applicant has completed all requirements their application will go to committee for review.